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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Portland Maine to become Islamic

 A Muslim day of peace in Portland Maine with Antifa thugs
 during a may day riot in Deering Park

Despite Maine having one of the worst economies in the nation and despite a lack of jobs, Maine liberals in one of Maine's most liberal cities after Augusta and Bangor wants more and more refugees!

First it was the Somalis now the Syrians are coming by the boat load. We are seeing the results of diversity and liberalism first hand.

Portland Maine has turned into the high crime high poverty, homeless jobless cesspit of the state. Like an east coast San Francisco or Oakland.

And that's up against some stiff competition if you know what I mean!!!

A friend of mine was up in Portland during may day and noticed that there were quite a lot of Muslims protesting with the leftists. The far left in Maine has gotten way out of control even worse since I moved out many years ago. The protesters weren't even held up by the police department. Of course the Portland pigs would be happy to bash the heads of TABOR activists and tea-party.

At Deering park there were a lot of the protesters, many of them who looked arabic. Some of them even screaming "Allah Akhbar!" on a couple of occasions. When my friend talked to one, one of these jawas screamed that the city was racist and that Islam would take over Maine one day. Another, a white man protesting next to him said that communism would also take over.

Yeah really? Maine is racist? Well, Washington county is full of them but that's it. I mean yeah I think its too late for that. I mean Maine is already been communist since God knows when! If this creature thinks that Maine is racist and every other ist, he might want to go visit Lewiston sometime.

The people of Maine, who are basically liberal support this. Not only that, they want even more muslim refugees! Not only this, criticism and warning by activists like yours truly have been denounced by Maine's leftist population as racist. I didn't even know Islam was a race!

Nothing new. Years ago when I was still living in Maine, I spoke out against the increasing Islamization of Maine at a town hall meeting I was booed out with shouts of racism. I was then asked to leave. A friend of mine who stayed behind told me what happened later that the people gushed about how peaceful Islam really was and how great it was that Maine was becoming more and more diverse.

Well... No worries Maine, Your gonna get more than you bargained for now that more of these jihadists are settling in Maine.

Portland can expect to become even more crime ridden, even more violent, more dangerous, more poor and can expect to see even more homelessness in its borders. All thanks to Democrats!

We can only hope that Trump and crew can save the day.

By the way, the only reason Maine voted for Trump is because most of the sewage stayed home on election day. Maine is Bernie Sanders country. They did of course line up to hike taxes and legalize pot at least!!

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Anonymous said...

Maine has its issuses. Mostly in the large southern towns. District 1,southern Maine voted for Hillary, district 2, the rural part, voted for Trump. The rural part of the state is full of regular people- hard working, hunters,gun owners,farmers(real ones), loggers. We are seeing changes the dems are trying to bring. However, regular people are waking up. We have been quiet and peaceful far too long and now we have had enuogh. Many have begun to speak, we passed constitutional carry here along with hunting with suppressors. The cities are a great example of socialist utopias(sarcasm). We are fighting the minimum wage bull that was forced on us. Regular people FAR out number liberals, its time we acted like it.