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Friday, May 12, 2017

The results of our New England Alliance convention in North Conway

At a hotel conference we held in March our annual convention of the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free markets.

Among the people we honored were Reuben Ben Abraham, Kyle Weissman, Michael O'sullivan, and Alexander Gregory. Sadly, Kyle could not be with us and Alexander's honors were posthumous.

Alexander Gregory had died last February of a heart attack after a long ordeal. He was originally from Santa Barbara California. His home, family, business and possesions were destroyed by the state and by social services.

His family were persecuted for homeschooling. Their children were taken from them and forced to go into a public school. His eldest son was drugged up and then institutionalized to the point where he became gravely disabled, his other son died in jail, his daughter was raped in school so bad that she cannot have children and their baby son, Chastin Gregory was lost and his location and whereabouts are not known.

The family fought against the police and the city and were arrested and imprisoned by corrupt officers in the Santa Barbara Police department. Alexander spent 3 years in prison for false charges for video taping a policeman and for alleged child abuse. That is for homeschooling his children.

It was bitter sweet. His eldest son Russell is still officially a ward of the state but thanks to help from NEALFM, he is now under a limited guardianship run by his uncle and an attorney friendly with NEALFM. he is currently in a group home in New Hampshire under recovery. The guardianship will expire this summer.

The wife moved here when her probation expired Last March. The daughter Ashley was found in Portland Oregon and will also be coming here to New Hampshire to live with mom and a relative.

We voted to aid and support the widow and surviving children and their relatives in New Hampshire. We also voted to help search for baby Chastin Gregory and to help investigate the Santa Barbara policeman who molested their son Russell in the Boys and Girls club.

The New England Alliance for liberty and free markets in association with the California Homeschool network will offer a reward of $30,000 dollars for information leading to the finding of Chastin Gregory who today would be about 8 years old.

We are also offering another 30k for information leading to the arrest and conviction of officer Bryan David Kerr of SBPD for obstructing justice, Child Molestation and police brutality. The officer was responsible for helping to create this fiasco for molesting Alexander's son Jeffrey while he was at the Boys and Girls club where officer, Kerr volunteered and for assaulting him for video taping him violating his rights.

We have obtained some info about Officer Kerr. He currently works for SBPD, he is a native of Ventura County, graduating from the sheriff's academy in 09. he still volunteers at Boys and girls club and has been in trouble before for misconduct and discrimination. However, Santa Barbara does not have a civilian review board instead relying on a peer review board that is corrupt and a corrupt judicial system that lets officers like Kerr off the hook.

Officer Kerr is also a supporter of Gun Control. After the shooting that took place in 2014 involving Elliot Rogers, Kerr was found to be active in the Santa Barbara county gun coaltion Against gun violence so called, promoting gun control and advocating abolishing the 2nd amendment in light of the tragic shooting.

AGENDA for 2017

 Our agenda for 2017 is active. Our goals and ambitions many. We voted on the following resolutions performing the following activities

  • Unseating the traitor and leftist RINO Angus King from the senate and preventing him from running for president
  • War with the ACLU and exposing their discriminatory tactics and deceptions, refusing to take cases involving the rights of disabled people's property being confiscated by the state for instance and for discrimination against black conservatives, victimized by white liberal racists
  • Cooperation with St Michael's Media and Church Militant Television run by Michael Voris in activism involving conservative Catholics
  • A bold and radical plan to deal with the possibility of the election of a radical communist or socialist such as Bernie Sanders into the Oval office in 2020.
  •  Outreach to the military and to veterans on American pride freedom and history.
  •  Outreach to homeless veterans.
  • National Boycott of The Real O'neals.
  • Unseat Maggie Taxin Hassan
  • War with Bernie Sanders and his campaign
  • War with Youtube communist Trolls such as Antifa, Oldfartrants and others
  • A plan  to aid victims of guardian abuse in Massachusetts, Illinois New York, Maine and California. 
  • Confronting Islam in America and New Hampshire and attempts to prevent the construction of new Mosques in our state
  • Attempts to seal the breach between Anti-trump conservatives in the alt-right and between Trump supporters

And Much more

Our membership increased last year especially since Trump became president. So good things are going on.

We also plan to communicate more with Washington to remind Trump why we voted for him and to help encourage and support him with the left's remenants digging their heels against his agenda and undermining his presidency and to pray for him.

we are also planning to support a new movement that is starting in California that we hope will become nationwide. A movement called Take Back America. Essentially a conservative version of occupy wall street only without drugs, vagrants and socialism.

We also intend to confront Antifa Anti-racist action so called and have them tossed out of New Hampshire. Wherever Antifa goes, we'll follow and confront them. Let the public know they are no better than if not worse than the Neo-nazis and racists they claim to be against.

Also, were getting closer with Michael Voris and St Michael's media. The catholic TV station that runs internet shows such as the Vortex and One True faith. This conservative Catholic show which has shows which we broadcast on our blog also is involved in activism within the Catholic church.

New England is very very Catholic but its parishes are liberal. The injection of Spiritual truth would be refreshing.

One of our first joint ventures, were gonna start soft and small, to boycott and banish from the networks they Anti-christian, anti Catholic anti-American TV show, The Real O'neals. Wont be too much trouble. They'll be cancelled in no time. Its more a way to get to know each other.

We also plan to help infiltrate Democrat Parishes in New  England and remind these Catholics what it means to be Catholic and the sin of supporting a pro-death pro-communist party like the Democrats.

There was more but I'll bring it up again later.

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Liddy Gregory said...

We have a reward offered for Brian Kerr's arrest and conviction. Its on the blog.

Ashley came home last week. We are very happy to have her back.

She is still traumatized by what happened to her at the Group home in California where she was raped by staff and she is still traumatized by what happened to her in Oregon.

After she ran away she says she prostituted and became a stripper at two night clubs in the Portland and Seattle area.

She was also homeless 3 times twice in Seattle and once in Portland.

She told us she would only come here to New Hampshire to live with us if we did not make her go to a psychiatrist again and be drugged up and if we would help her prosecute the staff member at the Group home who abused her sexually.

She arrived from Portland Oregon at Manchester Airport and we waited for her. It was a tearful and wonderful reunion. Her daddy died trying to find her and gave his life so we could be free from California.

She's living with me near Manchester still recovering from what she'd been through the past decade. She tells me she was raped in Portland outside the night club and police did little to help her. She also was infected with VD on two occasions. She got treated for it fortunately. WE've also made sure that she is clean and off drugs and VD. It was very fortunate she didn't have anything incurable like AIDS or got pregnant. She couldn't be made pregnant however because of the meds they forced on her sterilized her.

Russell is living in a home in Salem New Hampshire. We had him stay at one in Massachusetts but we were very worried they might do mean things to him like in California so we had him moved. He's still trying to recover.

He's no longer under guardianship, he's losing weight and going through Detox to get all those nasty free radicals from the meds he took out of his system. Doctors say he has a very small chance of recovering his manhood. The meds they gave him made him impotent and made him get Type 2 Diabetes. We hope he'll recover it and maybe have children.

WE have no leads on what happened to Baby Chastin. OUr son is somewhere out there. I know I believe for a fact he IS alive! I can feel it.

A reward is offered on this blog for finding baby chastin and arresting officer Brian Kerr