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Thursday, June 29, 2017

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Obama should take a tip from Subway

UPDATE: Thanks to inflation and economic decline by democrats, the $5 footlong is now a thing of the past, but in the day, it was working swell...

Its back again! Subway's 5 dollar footlong menu has expanded for a limited time to include every sandwich except the Subway Feast and Philly Cheesesteak. Just as the first one, sales of Subway sandwiches are expected to skyrocket. The reason is because in times like these when we can no longer afford what we would like to eat or do. With subway giving the oppertunity to purchase a footlong sanwich with choice of any toppings for only five dollars, (Plus tax. Unfortunately the left got us there as well.) is a golden oppertunity for poor families who must cope with higher living costs due to higher taxes and regulations by the government.

It demonstrates how big government oppresion by socialists is flawed and how free market economics is superior. When free markets are able to provide lower costs than their competitors and deliever a quality product, the markets will earn greater profit and in turn produce better products for consumers. Compitition and freedom made this possible.

This author is pleased to be one of Subways many many customers. For five dollars I can purchase a delicious foot long sandwich that will keep me satisfied and full throughout the day. Contrast this to other choices. I might add that inIn Socialist New England, Im sad to say those choices are limited :( I can load up with vegetables and all kinds of goodies wheras you do not have such quality and choice in places such as Quiznos, D'angelos and elsewhere. (I still like to eat the greasy sandwiches they serve in D'angelos though. Very good stuff.)

The moral to this story is clear and one that Barack Obama and Liberals need to pay attention to. In this time when Obama wants to tax us in the middle of economic crisis and ratchet new expenses to the people the consequences could be tragic.

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