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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Indie video game makers threatened by regulation from government and Big companies

A few years ago I did an article about net neutrality and government attempts to ban the internet or make it obsolete through over regulations and limited choices.

This is something all the Democrats support doing in every facet of our lives. They want to make it a crime to even pee without permission by some expensive overpaid bureaucrat.

The internet is the last great vestige of freedom of thought. The one place where we can read play and watch whatever we want when we want to.

But liberals and big government supporters and the big bolshevik supporting corporations that hate competition don't want that. They want our lives under their thumbs their supporters want to hold onto their monopoly.

In one aspect of the internet and so on that's under threat that the big software companies want put under tabs, the indie game makers who have been a bane to big corporations in the last decade especially.

The Indie game sector is proof of the success of capitalism. For the first time ever, the average Joe schmoe is able to make video games in his or her imagination in ways that could not be possible.

Easy to learn programming language, building software, ETC. they have become more and more available and with that, even the least educated in computers can write a video game in no time and not only that promote revolutionary concepts and gameplay never before imagined in the days of video consoles and 8-bit computers.

The generation that grew up with Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari console, Atari home computers, (XL/XE & ST) N64 and so on, they have grown up and at the time they said, I can do better, they now can do better from the comfort of their own homes and they have!

The best part of all is that new technology, new software and pioneering programs that allow amateurs to write a game all their own mean that one does not have to achieve a degree, one does not have to take time off a busy schedule. Stay at home moms, even white collar businessmen can play online and make cash with relative ease! Even the homeless who save enough at Labor ready to get a lap top then start programming can get in on it and climb out of the homeless situation! Many have!

But Liberals and their corporate backers aren't amused...

Hillary Clinton, who was backed and funded by Microsoft and other software giants supports taxing and regulating the internet and users even support Philadelphia style crackdowns such as a blog tax and laws requiring a $300 license to own or operate a blog or independent website!

Other supporters of such unjust regulations include Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who also supported the blog tax in Philadelphia and tried thankfully failed to implement it here. Former VP Joseph Biden, Former Maine governors Angus King and Jon Baldacci have also supported the regulations.

They want to regulate blogs, regulate small business, prevent creativity and artistic expression and impose socialism to protect their big business backers from competition. Let us be stuck with the same old boring video games and let the creative enterprising young men and women have nothing.

We the consumers are the ones destined to lose. All those great games we enjoy now, the revolutionary games that have moved gaming forward would not be possible without the free market and the concepts of the capitalist system. The freedoms we enjoy and our great liberty.

Its all jeopardized now thanks to liberals and their hatred for freedom.


Our response to this attack on the indie software developers is simple. We will no longer buy from companies that infringe on basic freedoms and rights including freedom of speech, the backbone of liberty and freedom. You want to oppose freedom of speech and artistic expression and have the government butt into our business? Then we'll take our money elsewhere.

We should promote and support the indie software companies and artists. many of their games are better anyway.

With that we invite you to read our next article, THE TOP 10 INDIE GAMES AND FLASH GAMES THAT YOU GOTTA PLAY!



Anonymous said...

Nothing is sacred anymore to liberals isn't there?

Anonymous said...

E para voce que estava travando sua dieta?

Anonymous said...

Most people don't even have any idea the potential they have for becoming instant entrepeneurs over night! The internet is the greatest acheivement of capitalism since Henry Ford's mass production line.

The internet proves capitalism is greater than socialism. A homeless bum who goes to the library online and publishes a book or a computer game using online tools or who advertises can make big bucks.

This isn't some get rich quick scheme, this is get rich quick reality man! No wonder the Democrats want to destroy the internet!?

Anonymous said...

Nao e' exatamente jejum, mas ja' fiz assim e perco bem.