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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Josephine Baker, Red spy, The black mata hari

Today June 3rd 2017, is what would've been Josephine Baker's 111th birthday. Google commemorated her life with a nice google doodle.

As it often is whenever depicting famous 20th century celebrities, Google always has to choose individuals celebrated by leftists many with a track record filled with scandal usually one involving communism. While one can find fault with any celebrity patriot or pinhead, Google always seems to aim for those who are "victims" of McCarthyism, the catch term used by reds and their supporters to smear those exposing communist activities here and abroad

Its no surprise that Google chooses another low down red, this one a red spy of all people in the guise of civil rights and racial equality. No surprise from Google being a leftist company that no sane American should invest in. The country patronizes Red China and is notorious for aiding them in netting internet dissenters who usually wind up killed or enslaved in sweatshops making the goods we buy at Big Box mart.

And no surprise that Josephine Baker Google's latest doodle exhibition is a low down red. Declasified information from the FBI made available in 1982 7 years after her death reveals that Josephine Baker was a low down red spy who mooched with Stalin, Castro and Tito and passed along secrets to them. The FBI did not have enough evidence at the time to arrest and convict her for espionage but she was banned from the country and not allowed to return to America from France until 1968.

Thanks to ideological exclusion laws and other tools made possible by the House Unamerican Activities committee, This low down read and others like her were kept out of our borders where they could cause much trouble. Baker, being an accomplished French spy during World War 2 in Vichy France could've unleashed destruction and chaos.

The story of the Black Mata Hari was broken by Famous journalist Walter Winchell who was a civil rights supporter an staunch opponent of Nazism and the KKK (Winchell was Jewish) and an even more ferocious opponent of Communism. Unfortunately, he was discredited and made obsolete by the downfall of McCarthy thanks to Ed Murrow and other leftists.

Meanwhile, Baker gave herself away. In January of 1966 she performed for Fidel Castro at the Teatro Musical de La Habana in Havana Cuba and had supper with him, in 1968 she went to Yugoslavia and performed for Tito and other reds in Belgrade and Skoje.

Josephine Baker was an outspoken supporter of civil rights and refused to perform or fraternize any establishment that had segregation and refused to perform in American cinema at first because of segregated movie theaters. But not once did she refuse to perform for Bloodthirsty communists in Russia, Cuba and elsewhere. Russia did not have diversity or racial equality like we do now at anytime during Soviet rule yet Baker not once refused to perform for the reds and never once denounced Stalin or Castro.


Josephine Baker should not be remembered as a pioneer for black entertainment or civil rights or as a hero. True she heroically spied on behalf of France and the Allies against Nazis and other Axis officials from Japan and Italy, true she was courageous but she should not be remembered that way.

She should instead be remembered for being a fraud, a fellow traveler, a hypocrite and a sellout.


FBI records of Josephine Baker's communist activities and red spy network


The lost spy, An American in Stalin's secret service 

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Anonymous said...

YIKES!!! thanks for posting this Brian! The truth has finally come out in the 21st century! McCarthy was right!