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Monday, June 5, 2017

MBTA to shut down vital lines in tourist season thanks to inefficient Democratic liberalism

Guess what everyone? The MBTA transit system in Boston is going to close down most of its commuter lines this summer thanks to stupid government projects and leftist regulations stemming from Obama's last days that will close down vital transit lines to most of Massachusetts and its all happening during tourist season!

The purple line is Boston's metro commuter rail that connects the Boston metro to surrounding areas of Eastern Massachusetts. Its our equivilent to Southern California's Metrolink in Los Angeles, the Sounder in Everett, Seattle and Tacoma, New York's Metrorail and Miami Tri-rail.

Now I'm not here to argue whether or not we should have a public transit service or privatize it but I will say this, privately owned rail lines wouldn't dare let this abomination happen. In Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, private railroads got their act together in about six months at the latest just over a year. But public roads and so one took two years some cases even longer!

I know you're going to tell me, "Well Brian in a big city like Boston you need those things to help get workers of all stripes white and blue collar to their jobs, tourists need them, in a big big city like Boston or New York you need it." Others will say  privatize it. I wont get into that today. You go and think what you like.

What I am doing today is bringing attention to the outrageous inefficiency and corruption manifest in government! Our founding father's warned us, our grandparents warned us, the talk radio sphere, blogsphere and the free marketers warned us time and time again, you trust the government, you rely and depend on government, you will get screwed, exploited, robbed and ripped off. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET!!

The whole reason for this shut down, the reason the Democrats want this to happen has nothing to do with safety its all about stealing from and fleecing the taxpayers while at the same time making society and our economy unworkable, thereby leading to more poverty, more government dependents, more Democrat votes and more social problems creating bigger and more massive government!

So what's the deal? What are they up to? Well I'll tell you. First of all, Barack Obama and the Department of Transportation added new regulations to transit systems that cities have only a year to comply with. If not they are facing a 100k fine a day. These new regulations for the most part require massive upgrades and tweaks to a system that has worked fine and contrary to leftists will not reduce accidents or other problems!

The upgrades will take most of the summer. But the hardest hit area with be in Northeastern Massachusetts particularly in the areas around Gloucester and Newburyport and all stops north of Salem that will shut down the system for possibly the remainder of the year.

WHY? MBTA wants to tear down a rail bridge in Beverly Massachusetts to build a newer and bigger one. Nothing wrong with it, they just want a newer and bigger one and want taxpayers, already overburdened and exploited to pay for it. This will essentially cut off service to coastal areas that depend on tourism and at the start of tourist season!

The bridge is a swinging bridge that really doesn't have anything seriously wrong with it. But liberals, they always want to take things that work fine, tear it down, create turmoil and panic and then when its all over make it bigger but not better, usually worse! They want to replace it with a larger bridge. Construction could take a year they say.

Whenever liberals set a timeline they never ever follow. They always take longer and longer to do what they intend. Why? When they're done wasting your money, they then waste your time. That's what they always do. First they squeeze you till your broke, then they make you wait in oblivion and grow old from here to eternity.

A good example of how this is going to end up is a similar episode that took place in Washington DC when liberals closed a very busy metro station downtown that was working fine for over 2 years. WHY? To build three new sets of escalators!

Why?! The system was working fine to begin with! There was nothing wrong but liberals with the backing of public service unions and their elected bosses wanted more and more money and they took their time doing it so they could waste more money and create more chaos.

The end result was higher traffic, workers stranded and higher costs to the city. Only the lazy degenerates in city hall and the unions benefited from this gross inefficiency. It didn't benefit anyone else, rich or poor, blue collar or white collar. All it did was create chaos and disaster for everyone in Washington DC.

And the same is now going to hold true to Massachusetts particularly those who rely on the Rockport Newbury line going beyond Salem.

Now, liberals in support of this insane plan argue that people north of Salem where the bridge is being torn down and replaced will have bus transit made available to bus them to Salem station where they can take the Purple line to Boston and connect elsewhere.

But its not going to work. Kyle Weissman, my friend and who's done a lot of good work on this blog in the past lives in the LA area and has told me all about the horrors of when the commuter rail there, the Metrolink or the Amtrak shut down and rely on buses as a substitute.

For instance when the Pacific Surfliner, the amtrak line connecting LA to San Diego, Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo did that, they all had to take buses when they got to Chatsworth. The buses were packed to the gills and overflowing, many people were stuck waiting long periods for other buses to show up when they couldn't get on for whatever reason. Disabled passengers, the elderly and those who couldn't stand crowded areas like Kyle were out of luck.

The worst was when they did it to the Lancaster line going north connecting LA with Burbank, Sun Valley, Sylmar, San Fernando, Santa Clarita, Palmdale and Lancaster. The train went only as far as Burbank, then you had to get off if you wanted to go up north further, the busses were worse than sardines. There were fights, there were homeless people who hadn't taken a bath in a year or longer it was not pleasant.

Kyle was trying to get to Sylmar. He tried bypassing the mess by taking Metro rapid bus from Downtown but that didn't work neither! JAMMED UP! CROWDED TO THE GILLS BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE THOUGHT THE SAME THING!!

Think about it people. You'll be riding a bus from Gloucester packed with people many of whom you don't want to be near at all but are forced to be next to. Criminals, hooligans, stinking smelly crazy homeless bums, psychotics, people causing disturbances and who are generally unpleasant.  Then when you get to Salem you do it all over again on a train that normally would be spacious but filled bursting with these same dregs!

And you'll be late anyway because the interstate will be jammed up as well, even more so thanks to this stupid project that they got going!

Why? All because Boston union bums and Democrats want more of your money and time.

Let me tell you something liberals, everything is fine. There's nothing wrong! I was over there a few weeks ago, I rode the lines from Rockport to Boston and back again, nothing was wrong. So you've got this small  turning bridge? Big deal! Right? On occasion you might have to stop for what? five minutes waiting for a ship to go across? BIG DEAL! I'd rather do that then stand up on a bus with a gangster hoodlum in front of me, a ranting crazy in back of me and 2 smelly homeless bums in the seats nearby!

Everything is fine liberals! There's no reason for you to waste our money and go in and make a mess of things again like you always do! There's nothing wrong! Everything is fine! You don't need to go in there and make a mess of things! Everything is fine! You need to stop butting into everyone's lives and trying to do better than we can! We can do better without you! Government isn't always right and perfect!

You need to stop  depending on the government for everything and act like you know better because you don't!

So anyway, there is time to stop this disaster from rolling through. I'm pleased to say, many Democrats especially blue collar dems are upset as well and hopefully we can make a difference and fix this problem.

People should contact MBTA and participate in forums about these closures and stand up and speak out against what's going on. The working poor and small businesses will suffer the most from this. Retails in rural areas along the rail such as Ipswich, Manchester and Rockport have the most to lose from this crazy madness!

Lets get busy and participate in government people. Freedom isn't free. Stand up, speak out, criticize and agitate! We can't let the left take away the American dream!

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