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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Reject and WIthdraw from the Paris Climate Accord

By Colnel Vitali

Before my liberal friends faint from mass hysteria over President Trump’s withdraw from the Parris Climate Accord, I humbly request that you take a moment from your busy schedule tuning in to soap operas, ESPN, the lying hypocrite leftist politicians, the insurrectionist fake mainstream media, and the pious cries of the fake, shock, and brainless entertainment community to educate yourself on the true facts of the Accord.

The Paris Accord was nothing but water down agreement that had zero control on actually protecting our environment. As noted below by the facts given during President Trump’s Speech, the accord was an environmental sham whose only accomplishment would be the vast distribution of American wealth to other countries.

First, if liberals want to pass such a measure send it to the US Senate for Treaty confirmation as the US Constitution requires instead of this back door repugnant and disastrous radical foreign policy initiative. John Kerry and former President Obama should be regarded for the snake oil salesman that they are. This accord is no love of America or our vital interest. Why do liberals berate conservatives from protecting our national sovereignty. What is it about our US Constitution and bill of rights that offends you so much to erode it with this calamity?

Consider this, after eight disastrous years of President Obama dismantling of our nation’s defenses, Congress today cannot find the support to even pass a 43 billion dollar defense budget in order defend our citizens at a time of war but our progressive liberal politicians eagerly want to require America to send $100 billion each year on this feckless and financially irresponsible Paris Climate Accord. I find it hard to stomach that liberals desire to force every American to have $7000 less in income, see our jobs transfer overseas, the economy in tatters, and our defense capabilities void of sufficient funds to provide us the protection we deserve.

But the oceans and cities will disappear I hear you all bemoan. This inept Paris Climate Accord does not prevent one aspect in that regard. As stated below, if all countries fully implemented this accord, it is estimated only a two-thirds tenth degree Celsius reduction in global temperature by year 2100. Will you even be alive by 2100? I know many of your think Obama is your God and that government is the panacea for all your wet dreams, but come back to reality please. This sham of an accord does not arrive you at the community social justice utopia you have labored over.

I know it may be difficult for American leftist to maintain their attention spans beyond the nightly mainstream news cycles which provides them their daily propaganda talking points to know what they are expected to say, feel, and do on any particular subject. After all, anyone who reviews the raw data below and discovers the disarray of benefits for America contain therein would rise quickly with pitch forks in hand to support the quick withdraw of this worthless enterprise

There is a great deal of stupidity going on here. Let me list a few things that make no sense at all:
America now stands with Nicaragua and Syria as the only countries not in the Paris Accord. Ok, But North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and Russia are in the accord. And Nicaragua is not in because they say the accord does not solve any climate problems. Nicaragua is actively moving its electric power use away from oil to Hydro, geothermal, and wind. Nicaragua actually cares about this issue a lot.
Most scientists believe in climate change. Which is a stupid statement.

First, most scientists are not climatologists. They have no scientific background in the area. Second, since when is a popular vote among scientists a scientific reason to believe something is true. Galileo believed the earth revolved around the sun. But he was not in the majority at the time. Did the sun revolve around the earth until more scientists saw it his way? Then it changed?

The Paris Accord is not a treaty. Its not even legal. We have never ratified the Paris Accord. And by the way, a quarter of the other countries have not ratified it either. Yet Barack Obama took tens of billions of tax payer dollars out of the US defense budget and gave it to the Paris Accord without congress’s approval or authorization. He just gave them the money. The Paris Accord is not only, not legal. Its actually illegal.

Republicans like to say. Americans know best how to spend their money, not Washington. Well, the Paris Accord half way agrees with that. They agree that Washington, with all its elected officials, does not know how to spend American tax payer’s money. But Paris does. And they can do it without any elected officials.

Climatologists all like the Paris Accord. Well, of course they do. The Paris Accord funds them forever. It provides a huge slush fund that they control to fund whatever they want. And of course it will be them.

Almost every country in the world signed on to the Paris Accord. Thats right. The Paris Accord is basically a slush fund which has $100 billion dollars of largely American money doled out to the rest of the world. So why would they not sign. They don’t have to do anything. They don’t have to pay anything. But they get American tax dollars. Where do I sign up?

Elon Musk from Tesla and SolarCity and GEs CEO Jeff Immelt are very upset that America has pulled out of the Paris Accord. Here’s the real scam. American companies that produce solar panels and wind turbines will “sell” their products all over the world to countries who will be given a grant from the Paris Accord to “buy” the solar panels and wind turbines. And of course 10 middle men (foreign government officials) will get paid off as well, so everyone gets rich, but the American tax payers.

America needs a seat at the table. America needs to lead on Climate change. Well let me say that the seat is at a table but so is the cash register. What America wants is to have its companies and scientists get some of the money. Its like these guys cut a whole in the vault that stores tax payer money. And they want to be there to collect the spoils. Otherwise Chinese panels and turbines will be “sold” to other countries using American tax dollars. But wait. If Trump seals the leak. There will be no American tax dollars. And we will see how much money the rest of the world actually puts in the fund. So far its almost nothing.

Think of America as you and the rest of the world standing before you with his pockets full of your life savings. You want to keep your money and of course he doesn’t want to give it back to you. You are dog gone right he is mad at us right now because we have decided to not waste our money on the purchase of his golden fictitious egg. I hope you have the good sense and clarity to spend the money you earned to purchase milk, food, schooling, and security to keep you and your children safe.

Ok, don’t believe anything above that I said but these are the facts below. Please read them and see if you really don’t find that the benefit of staying with this accord was insignificant to the damage that it was going to impact on America!
Facts taken from President Trump Paris Climate Accord withdrawal speech:

1. This includes ending the implementation of the nationally determined contribution and, very importantly, the Green Climate Fund which is costing the United States a vast fortune.

2. Compliance with the terms of the Paris Accord and the onerous energy restrictions it has placed on the United States could cost America as much as 2.7 million lost jobs by 2025 according to the National Economic Research Associates.

3. Accord includes 440,000 fewer American manufacturing jobs —this is not what we need — including automobile jobs, and the further decimation of vital American industries on which countless communities rely.

4. According to this same study, by 2040, compliance with the commitments put into place by the previous administration would cut production for the following sectors: paper down 12 percent; cement down 23 percent; iron and steel down 38 percent; coal down 86 percent; natural gas down 31 percent.

5. The cost to the American economy at this time would be close to $3 trillion in lost GDP and 6.5 million industrial jobs, while American households would have $7,000 less income and, in many cases, much worse than that.

6. What it does -– the world’s leader in environmental protection, while imposing no meaningful obligations on the world’s leading polluters.

7. Under the agreement, China will be able to increase these emissions by a staggering number of years — 13. They can do whatever they want for 13 years. Not us.

8. India makes its participation contingent on receiving billions and billions and billions of dollars in foreign aid from developed countries.

9. While the current agreement effectively blocks the development of clean coal in America. We’re having a big opening in two weeks. Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, so many places.

10. China will be allowed to build hundreds of additional coal plants. So we can’t build the plants, but they can, according to this agreement.

11. India will be allowed to double its coal production by 2020. Think of it: India can double their coal production. We’re supposed to get rid of ours.

12. Even Europe is allowed to continue construction of coal plants

13. The agreement doesn’t eliminate coal jobs, it just transfers those jobs out of America and the United States, and ships them to foreign countries.

14. This agreement is less about the climate and more about other countries gaining a financial advantage over the United States.

15. The agreement is a massive redistribution of United States wealth to other countries

16. Even if the Paris Agreement were implemented in full, with total compliance from all nations, it is estimated it would only produce a two-tenths of one degree Celsius reduction in global temperature by the year 2100.

17. In fact, 14 days of carbon emissions from China alone would wipe out the gains from America would totally wipe out the gains from America’s expected reductions in the year 2030, after we have had to spend billions and billions of dollars, lost jobs, closed factories, and suffered much higher energy costs for our businesses and for our homes.

18. Beyond the severe energy restrictions inflicted by the Paris Accord, it includes yet another scheme to redistribute wealth out of the United States through the so-called Green Climate Fund which calls for developed countries to send $100 billion to developing countries all on top of America’s existing and massive foreign aid payments.

19. So we’re going to be paying billions and billions and billions of dollars, and we’re already way ahead of anybody else. Many of the other countries haven’t spent anything, and many of them will never pay one dime.

20. The Green Fund would likely obligate the United States to commit potentially tens of billions of dollars of which the United States has already handed over $1 billion — nobody else is even close; most of them haven’t even paid anything — including funds raided out of America’s budget for the war against terrorism.

21. In 2015, the United Nation’s departing top climate officials reportedly described the $100 billion per year as “peanuts,” and stated that “the $100 billion is the tail that wags the dog.”

22. In 2015, the Green Climate Fund’s executive director reportedly stated that estimated funding needed would increase to $450 billion per year after 2020. 23. The world’s top polluters have no affirmative obligations under the Green Fund,

24. America is $20 trillion in debt. Cash-strapped cities cannot hire enough police officers or fix vital infrastructure. Millions of our citizens are out of work. And yet, under the Paris Accord, billions of dollars that ought to be invested right here in America will be sent to the very countries that have taken our factories and our jobs away from us.

25. There are serious legal and constitutional issues as well. Foreign leaders in Europe, Asia, and across the world should not have more to say with respect to the U.S. economy than our own citizens and their elected representatives.

26. We owe no apologies to other nations for our environmental stewardship. After all, before the Paris Accord was ever signed, America had reduced its CO2 footprint to levels from the early 1990s. In fact, between the years 2000 and 2014, the United States reduced its carbon emissions by 18-plus percent. And this was accomplished not through government mandate, but accomplished through innovation and technology of the American private sector.

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