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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Top 10 Indie Games online you need to download and play!

Continuing from my previous article on the Democrat's war on free markets and unfair anti-capitalist regulations targeting indie software makers, I said that the best way to stick it to these big companies that back the socialist agenda of the DNC was to buy indie and boycott the big bolshevik businesses. I mean they got to where they were because of capitalism and now they want to ruin it for all of us just so they can avoid competition!
SO! We here present our top 10 list of indie games you gotta play! Along with Top 10 Flash games online!

Some of them are free, some of them you have to pay for with credit card of paypal, some of them want a donation on Pat

reaon for their work! After playing, you'll agree they should get a donation!

I myself have recently donated a small amount of money to a few of these aspiring artists. Its rewarding and it motivates them to keep doing a very good job!

SO! Off we go to our list! For this list its Indie games that are downloadable and either free or requiring a purchase. Ranking based on popularity and innovation. Websites like Steampowered and recommended for buying them! GOG in particular!



 Billed as a liberal adventure, you play the role of a left wing rebel group in a big city in a dystopic America. You're goal, to make America elite liberal. You do this by fighting conservatives, hacking, destroying sites, fighting militias and swaying public opinion in your favor.

As a conservative libertarian I just couldn't pass this one up. Its hillarious even if it is violent and at times controversial. CAUTION: CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIOLENCE AND SUGGESTIVE THEMES! VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED

You can download it here at Bay12games Note that there are other later versions that are more advanced. 

 #9 Armored commander

This game has been moving along well and shows promise. A newer version with advanced tactics and strategy is expected out later on as well as new campaigns set in North Africa, Russia and the Pacific.

Armored Commander takes place after the D-Day invasion. You play as a Tank commander, and American or Canadian riding it out through Europe attacking German placements and liberating Europe from the Nazis. The game has developed nicely. A combination of role playing and strategy. According to one player who was an army officer, it was deemed accurate.

Click here to take part in the war to end all wars.

#8 Midboss

A graphic roguelike where you play as a lowly imp who wants to become boss of the dungeons. Roguelike means similar to rogue in that the levels and dungeons are procedurally generated at random meaning no two games are the same. Cool graphics, random events and neat features make this game a must have for all fans of rogue. Click here to visit the website 

 #7 The Legend of Grimrock 1 and 2

In the 80s and 90s, the dungeon crawler, 3d RPGs set in fantastic dungeons such as Bloodwych and Dungeon Master set the stage for fantasy RPG gaming delight. Other games such as roguelike Dungeon Hack and Wizardry series also set the role.

The Dungeon crawler series became a thing of the past until now... Legend of Grimrock has brought it back and they've out done and out shone it!

The two games, one set in a mountain dungeon and the other on an island overworld feature a vast non-linear expanse for adventurers to explore. AND, It comes with custom editors so that the player can remake the game and customize their own dungeons and overworld for long lasting interest.

Did I forget to mention that both games have secret fantastic endings and a cool story?


   From Russia with love, the Eador Series of games focuses on the reunification of a broken world called Eador, shattered and lost in the voids of chaos. You play as a deity trying to put it back together again.

The game has become extremely popular in Russia and is now gaining a foothold in the US. The game has also been liked by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The game is popular not only because of the randomness and unique features but because of its challenge. Russians are masters of the chessboard and masters of battle strategy so be prepared for a no holds bar challenge.

Our staff lost the game at the lowest setting. Only one of us managed to beat the game at all. Kyle Weissman who himself is a strategist and a wargame buff. Be prepared for endless challenge and a fantastic adventure to put the world of Eador back together.

#5 The Banner Saga & Tahira: Echoes of the Astral empire

Two great games of the science-fiction fantasy Genre

Yes we couldn't pass these by. A fantastic story, gripping strategy and adventure and rotoscoping animation that beholds the eye. The award winning games will leave you wanting more. Tahira in particular is possibly expecting a sequel while Banner Saga already has unsheathed its own.

#4  FTL: Faster than light

A revolutionary Sci-fi roguelike set in the distant future You take command of a starship and attempt to reach Federation  HQ while being pursued by a rebal fleet. Random events and other things happen in this game. FTL's complex strategic gameplay allows you to give orders to your crew, manage ship power distribution, and choose weapon targets in the heat of battle. You will encounter unique alien lifeforms and technology. You can upgrade your ship and unlock new ones with the help of six diverse alien races. Be the Captain you want: hundreds of text based encounters will force you to make tough decisions. In the randomized galaxy each play-through will feature different enemies, events, and results to your decisions.


A sci-fi roguelike based on the popular Starflight series of games from the 80s.

In an unexplored sector of space, humanity seeks to establish a permanent presence. Megacorporations have set up starbases in the region, where they employ freelance prospectors to find exploitable resources and map unknown planets.

The player commands a team of these prospectors. Their goal is to explore the unknown systems and bring back valuable minerals, alien artifacts, and biodata... without being killed by hostile life forms, space pirates, harsh planet conditions, alien gods, interstellar gas clouds, running out of oxygen, and the many other dangers of the sector. 

Just like in Starflight you can explore uncharted space and even land on and explore the planets of different systems.

The game features a gripping non-linear story, a chance to explore a random and near endless galaxy and even the worlds they have and encounter many strange phenomena. Boldy going where no one has gone before.

You can download it for free here. 

#2 Papers Please

In Paper's Please you are a border security guard in a paralell universe where the communists won the cold war. Set in the 1980s in the Soviet country of Aristoitka, your job is to compare papers and identities, thwart terrorist plots, please the Politburo and keep the mother land's borders secure. The game is mostly random and has a sandbox mode that can be unlocked if you complete the game the right way. There are over 21 endings I'm told.

Before unveiling our number one pick, here are some honrable mentions.

Ultima Ration Regum

A revolutionary new Roguelike by an Oxford Scholar based on the works of Umberto Eco. The game is set in a random planet with its own random solar system and random cultures, civilizatiions and relgions! The game puts you in the shoes of a young son of a powerful nobleman who sets out to explore the world and discover the history of the world and the meaning of life.

Its an exicting new game that deserves credence and support. Believe me!

Stardew Valley

A farm sim and Role playing game based on the popular Harvest moon series for Nintendo. Its even better than Harvest moon. That I can tell you.



No man's sky 

Oh my god That game is gonna be awesome!



3059 and its sequels


 How do I describe it? Its like Sim city, Rogue, Caesar 1-4 Empire, virtual reality. Prospector and Lord of the rings all mashed up into one!!!

The game is set on a randomly procedurally designed planet. You can decide how it is made BTW and help shape its history. This is basically a dwarven city building sim set in a simulated random planet.

There is also an adventure mode where players can play either as a Human, elf or Dwarf and explore the world.
Words can't describe the miracle of Dwarf fortress besides being free and one of the most advanced games out there. The world is build from scratch by the computer, features its own history I MEAN ITS OWN HISTORY! All about characters people civilizations towns, dungeons monsters ETC. HOW DO YOU DO THAT!?

Its my son's favorite and I guess mine too. I  have to set limits you see and try and tear him away for supper. My wife is just like that with me too. HA!

There are also mods that can improve graphics, views, add new races and characters as well as a host of other things.


The game is by Tarn Adams AKA legendary frog of 

Click here to download your own copy and enjoy! Just don't overdo it and stay down for too long!!


I wont go into details this time. It'll speak for itself. These are the best flash games found on sites such as and I want to warn you, Newgrounds has everything and I mean EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING! So be careful if you go there.

#10 Cross Code
 #9 Probability 0
 #8 Ronin: Spirit of the sword 
#7 Knightmare Tower& Knightfall
#6 High tea
 #5 Quarkz
#4 Mastermind world conquerer
#3 Epic battle fantasy series
 #2 Red rogue
#1 Toss the turtle


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great list! I was thinking of buying Legend of Grimrock of GOG for sometime but when you said they had a custom editor I'm like WHOA! AWESOME!!

I also remember Toss the turtle! That's cool that you put that on number one. AND DWARF FORTRESS TOO!! AWESOME!

Eador? I looked at that I don't know. I mean is it really hard and aren't the versions they have basically the same game?

Alabama hitech redneck man said...

WHOA! HOLD ON! Why isn't Spelunky in the Top ten list?! That was a great game! And what about Cross code? Why is that #10 in the little flash list?

And why is Toss the Turtle number one? I mean I thought it was a good game but CrossCode at least deserves to be on there so should a couple other good games like Age of Wonders, Space Rogues, Interstelaria and Holy Potatoes were in outerspace!

Well, you do what you want to. Its a good list.

Anonymous said...

Those were all good games but there are some that should be on the top ten list instead. Dwarf fortress I would rate number 3 instead the number one. For its time it was radical but there are some more advanced games.

Prospector, its a good game I like a lot and its very good and revolutionary in some way but it needs improvement and work. Better graphics and gameplay and the storyline is basically the same. The galaxy your exploring is being overrun by hostile alien robots coming from an ancient ruin on a random planet. Hardly anything like say finding Old Earth and stopping intersteallar flares from a crystal planet by an ancient race or preventing a hostile take over by evil aliens or stopping a disease outbreak or something else like that.

Its good but could be better.

Also, 3059 3069 ETC. are good but they're not as revolutionary as they were in the day.

High tea, Quarkz and Probability 0 are good but don't belong on the top ten. Ronin Spirit of the sword, I never played that before but its okay.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you put Legend of Grimrock one and two up there! I love that game! Its way better than Dungeon Hack And Dungeon Master. My two favorite games growing up.

And Dwarf Fortress, they definitely belong up there on number one!

Anonymous said...

YES! YES!! Dwarf Fortress NUMERO UNO!!

This game is awesome and just gets better and better!

Anonymous said...

What? No mention of games like Sword of the stars? Or Interstelaria? What about Tales of Maj'eyal or Eci of the Forest?

Anonymous said...

Aw c'mon! Prospector and Liberal crime squad suck! Prospector is buggy and comes nowhere near being as awesome as starflight or starcontrol. LCS is violent, controversial and goes too far in promoting leftist violence. And its buggy and has no graphics!

Also, you didn't have any good flash games except for Cross Code. The only ones in the flash catagory that were any good were The Epic battle fantasy series (Part 3 was the only good one in my opnion) and Red rogue. All the other ones are so so or suck.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get on because of the filter I installd on the family PC. New Grounds is censored for pornography. Apparently they got a lot of X-rated stuff on there.

They aren't kidding when they said, Everything by everyone. They meant that too lieterally!

I recommend or as an alternative. Max games I thnk is better.

Steam is another good place I think. Most of their games are free.

Anonymous said...

No man's sky? You mean no man's refund? LOL!!

No way. That's a rip off. Elite is a better game. So are the sequels, Frontier and frontier first encounters.

Grandgamer said...

In my opinion....

I don't think Warsim or Ultima Regum Ratio belongs up there.

URR is buggy and still in development. Also I noticed that Norton Anti-virus depicts it as being unreliable and possibly malicious. Not a lot happens there now. Hopefully it will get better and the author will correct problems but its not as good as Dwarf fortress.

Warsim is primitive and is not a roguelike but a strategy game. Poorly done with bad ascii graphics and little strategy. The game hopefully will get better overtime but no, its no good.

Also, Eador and 3059 ETC. do not deserve mention.

Eador is a crappy strategy game that is WAAAAAAYYYYY too hard and almost unplayable. THe sequels they come up with aren't really sequels but buggy redone versions that suck. Better graphics and new monsters are all that are added and a few other things. No new stories just the same crap. The same game, done worse.

3059 was okay but had no plot. You just wander a randomly generated planet. The sequels had 3d graphics and so on but sucked. There's no purpose or plot just a randomly splurged landscape full of people who will either be your friend or kill you. Nothing else of note. The newwer versions are just 3d graphics and blocky texture. THat's all.

Finally there's Prospector. I like scifie roguelikes too but its not very good. Its hardly like Starflight, the configuration files are a mess. Too much here not enough there, I can't describe it but its amateurish even for an indie game.

Grandgamer said...

Oh, and the flash games aren't worth playing either. Probability 0 isn't worth the money offered in anyway.

Toss the turtle was popular when it first came out but its old and outmoded. A landmakr but not a top 10.

Mastermind WC is bug riden, boring and repetitive. Nothing interesting.

Ronin: spirit of the sword is okay but lousy after awhile. And Knightmare tower and Knightfall are okay but not worthy of top 10 fame.

High Tea is a crap game, basically real estate tycoon with 19th century drug dealing.

All an all, a good article but I disagree. Oh well. To each his own.