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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Youtube Bans conservatives, allows Muslim who radicalized bombers to preach hate

Guess what everyone, Youtube which has one of the most stringent censorship policies that would make Big Brother envious, the same Youtube owned by google that makes it illegal to criticize Mohammed, the Koran and cracks down on critics of communism, abortion, homosexuality ETC. will allow a Muslim Cleric to preach hatred on its channel.

Ahmad Musad Jibril is an American born Cleric who lives in Dearborn Michigan and is a teacher of Islamic doctrine and Sharia law. He actually has a degree in Sharia from a mandrasa in the Middle East by the way. His channel is popular among radical Islamists and as it turns out, the men who carried out the attacks in Manchester and London were all radicalized and indoctrinated by this beast.

Now, France, England, Germany and other countries are supposed to have hate speech laws that ban indoctrination into terrorism and racism but they have been slack in enforcing the laws on Muslims. Any Christian however who so much as nit picks on abortion, homosexuality and Islam is punished to the fullest extent.

The Majority of Ahmad Jibril's followers are European. He is incredibly popular and while his website and youtube channel broadcast sermons and lessons that support anti-americanism, terrorism and intolerance towards non-muslims, European lawmakers and law enforcement have done absolutely nothing to block him or punish anyone for watching his videos.

France and Germany are the most stringent when it comes to censorship and cracking down on viewers of websites it doesn't like. To visit a website like Ahmad Jibril's or to read it is supposed to be grounds for severe criminal punishment that could lead to years in prison. Instead however, they have done nothing but sweep it under the rug.

As a result, you have these muslims who are free to run wild and kill innocent people. And since the government turns a blind eye to Muslim crime, the message is clear. If you can get away with going to an "illegal" website or harass a white woman, you can get away with murder.

For all intensive purposes, they have.

But if you so much as visit a pro-life website or conservative website, you face up to 5 years in prison. So much for Liberty, Equality, fraternity.

It has gotten so bad in places like France that many who oppose Islamic immigration, oppose secularism and the policies of liberals live in fear worse than what they experienced under Nazi Socialist occupation in world war 2.

I received an email for instance by a Catholic priest a long time ago that described the outrageous censorship and liberal fascism taking place in Europe particularly in France and the hypocrisy of how they allow Muslims to do whatever they want.

He and other Frenchmen visit American websites that promote native Catholicism, conservatism, Christian principles and morals and that oppose abortion, sodomy and other evils and do so at their own risk. My blog right now has become very popular in France along with run by St Michael's media and Michael Voris,, Jihad Watch and other websites that spill the beans on the failure of socialism and the evils of Islam and liberalism.

Father Pierre and others if discovered could go to prison just for reading these sites or for going overseas to America to be "indoctrinated" Often times they are fined, forced to attend tolerance seminars or go before a "human rights" tribunal.

What a joke.

But Ahmad Jibril and his followers are free to preach hate.

Yes, this is the new tolerance of the left that continues to be embraced. Tolerance of the intolerable, intolerance of the good.

And while Google and the left in Europe fear Christian revival and their heritage, more and more Islamic jihadis arrive in Europe to burn, loot and pillage and they are egged on by the likes of Jibril thanks to Angela Merkel and Google.

But don't even think of speaking out or...


Glenn Koons said...

Well YouTube and Google and Facebook better report all of this to our DIA, CIA, NSA or else they are abetting Islamist terrorism.

info said...

Aw lost your Youtube channel?
Don't worry there's all kinds of other 'white power' youyube channels you can enjoy

Anonymous said...

Why aren't Islamic terror websites as bad as White power websites? If Anything this kind of censorship makes me more and more racist.

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask liberals particularly europeans like this Troll mr Info why white supremacists are more dangerous than muslims who are actively bombing and killing people and harassing women?

Why is it white supremacy and evil to speak out against and criticize muslims for terrorism and for mistreating women but not when the muslims mistreat women and encourage terror attacks like this Jibril animal did in egging on the London murderers?

Anonymous said...

Why? Because they're stupid, evil and insane that's why. After the Manchester bombings, Antifa and other stupid leftists blamed the victims for what happened. Claimed that it was England's fault. Why? *SNIFFF!* *SNIFF* They were persecuted because of Islamophobia!!! OH BOOO HOOO HOO HOO!!

Muslims in England and France have it easier than even the mid-east. They have special rights, special protection, they can harass and rape white women without impediment and get away because they're so special.

@Info Keep it up idiot. The more you censor us, the more the hate gets. You can't keep us from hating your terroist buddies! The hate gets bigger and stronger. In the end, you;; be on the same firing wall with the terrrrist buddies!

Anonymous said...

@info yes there are lots of white supremacist channels online and even if you succeed in banning the internet, we still have each other.

Keep it up Lefty! The more you silence us, the bigger the hate! And the more the Muzzies breed and bomb, the more we grow. Revolution is coming. TIme to white wash the EU and US