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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Church Militant St Michaels Media and Mainestategop Hacked!!

We have learned that Church Militant and St Michael's media has been hacked! Simultaniously, Mainestategop was hacked.

According to Michael Voris and crew, the hackers attacked the website. No efforts have been made to attack financial information. Those of you who subscribe to churchmilitantttv (AND YOU SHOULD)have nothing to worry about.

The hackers who are liberals of unknown affiliations attacked to shut down the website.

Similarly, an attack was made on our blog. The attack Blocked our blog for half a day. We were able to bring it back up. our comment box, our email as well as that of our friends at Church Militant also got spammed with negative comments and pornographic videos consisting of Japanese cartoons portraying sexual content.

We have changed our passwords our Channel, informed Law Enforcement and our blog is safe for now.

According to law enforcement, the hack originated from The upper midwest. It's not clear where but it came from Michigan and Wisconsin. We are informed that arrests are possible.

More info will be made as more info comes available.

for more info, read the latest episode of the Download below we have posted.

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